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Our bronze memorials stand the test of time - they last virtually forever!

Celebrate your marriage or anniversary with H.T. Hall's traditional or decorative plaques. We will customize your inscription to your specifications.

DOUBLE MONUMENTS: The most popular monument used to mark (2) graves and can be designed in a variety of colors, shape, and sizes.

FLUSH MARKERS: Flush markers are usually rectangular in shape. However you can create unique memorials in the shape of heart, leaf, open book, teddy bear and in any other designs that you can imagine.

A permanent comfort to help ease the pain of a loss.There are unique and beautiful options for what you can do with your baby’s memorial. Choices are endless, such as etchings of original handprints and footprints, photographs or family members’ own written message that can be etched as their own personal handwriting to commemorate┬áto their baby’s memory. See more

Mausoleums are the most unique and elborate way to memorialize. Above ground burial options are not expensive anymore.

All our Mausoleums are made of 100% durable material - Granite, stainless steel and bronze.

MEMORIALS BENCHES: These elegantly designed benches are a great addition to any grave site, providing a sanctuary to people mourning or celebrating the memory of friends, family and loved ones.

MONTAUGE PORTRAIT DESIGNS: Portraits can be added to any memorial design to capture the true personality of the individual being memorialized. See more

PET MEMORIALS: Pets are considered to be members of the family. When experiencing pet loss, many pet owners wish to memorialize them with a pet memorial.

PET STATUES: Wouldn't it be nice to have your very own pet figurine? Using your pet's photograph as a model, we create the perfect statue for you. Additionally, we create double statues for multiple pets and custom statues on urns.

SINGLE MONUMENTS: Single Monuments come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Generally, the monument tells something personal about that person.

SLANT MARKERS: The largest of the markers. Slant markers are similar to an upright monument, but are smaller and thicker.

STATUES: Statues add beauty to any setting - be it a memorial, cemetery, garden or commercial building, statues fit right in. Pay attention to face, fingers and toes of a statue. Quality sculpting makes a statue stand out.
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